• Jill Alexander

Royce is 18 Months!

Isn't it crazy how fast time flies?! I mean, especially when you have children! The days can seem long, but the years seem short. I've had the great pleasure in photographing Royce since he was in his mama's belly. Ryan and Rachel are just the sweetest couple and I can't tell you how amazing it is that they've trusted me to help document his life. We've basically had a session every 3 months. He's turned into such a calm mannered and loving toddler. There's that moment when your baby isn't a baby anymore and they start looking like a big kid. It can be sad and you wish that they would stay little for just a little bit longer, but each stage is new and exciting. As they grow, you get to experience new things with them and they begin to see everything differently.

I was also like Ryan and Rachel and had every 3 months documented of both my babies and yes by another photographer :) You don't really realize how much they can change in such a short amount of time. They become a little taller, lose their baby fat, maybe their eye color changes, and they begin to develop their personalities. Personalities tend to come out a lot during photoshoots too, haha! Sometimes all those little changes can be hard to see day to day. It's also fun to get photos of them with their favorite toys and books at that time. I promise it'll be fun to look back on and to show them. Royce had lots of cars, a favorite book, and some of his favorite wolf pups for his photoshoot. I could definitely tell he loves his cars! I can't wait until the next time I get to this cutie! I'm sure he'll look even more grown up, than he does now.

As a photographer and a mom, I encourage you all to at least get your child's photos taken at least once a year and even more if you can! I know it can be pricey at times, but these are literally moments captured in time that you will have forever and that can be passed down. Your children will be able to look back on these and be able to show their children pictures of their mom and dad. Even if you can't hire a professional at the time, use your phone and download them and get them printed! You'll thank yourself one day!

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