• Jill Alexander

Baby Weston!

Adding a new baby can be both super exciting, with maybe a hint of nervousness. You hope your first born responds well and feels just as much love once the new baby arrives. You may even think how can I love a new child just as much as the first. BUT, believe me it happens!

This was my 4th session with the Conner family and I could not wait to photograph them as a new family of 4! Big brother Jud was just amazing with his new little brother. He just beamed with excitement.

Sometimes photographing a toddler and a newborn together can be quite the challenge and I'm always up for it, but Jud was a natural and this session just flew by. He got in a few photos unexpectedly, but I absolutely loved it and those were quickly some of my favorite, haha.

We even played a bit while mama was nursing his brother. He got all his dinosaurs and balls. I loved hearing his little voice explain things to me. This is why I love lifestyle newborn sessions. You're in your own environment and things can just flow naturally.

Kent and Rachel, thank you SO much for inviting me into your home to photograph you guys as a new family of 4! I really enjoyed my time and seeing Jud interact his new sibling. I know it's not easy at times, but you all just look like your flowing into this naturally and unphased. Congratulations on baby Weston!!!

I'm going to leave this blog post with some more photos from this amazing session...

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